Friday, July 8, 2011

Mud Pies, Gardens, Fourth of July

The summers already been going by quickly. The past month we've kept busy with parks, playdates with friends and even some new friends, outside fun, picnics and other activities in between.

On one of the hottest days, we made cookies and baked them in the van, the idea thanks to fellow local homeschoolers' posts online! The kids thought it was amazing the van got hot enough to bake the cookies! I wish I would have had a thermometer to see how hot it was inside. I'm definitely going to have to pick one of those up and try it again sometime.

Another idea we got from the many awesome ideas in posts from Examiner's Alicia Bayer, was a mud pie kitchen outside. We went to Goodwill and bought up a bunch of fun mudpie pans, pitchers, strainers, and stirrers. We came home and set it up and the kids spent the whole morning and most the afternoon and evening making and decorating mud pies!

Speaking of mud...more fun with mud in some black dirt in the yard last month:

The organic garden we've been working on seems to be doing pretty well! The kids still help me weed and plant more things as we go. Noah is especially amazed at how everything has grown so big. When we first planted, it was him I was worried about with the garden. I pictured him picking things, digging in it, and sneaking over and watering it. But I was so wrong! He respects it so much and is so gentile with the seedlings and has been so eager to watch it all come up. We've been cutting off some of the lettuces and beet greens already for green smoothies and salads. I could see expanding it next year so we can grow even more! The pride and confidence one gets from growing your own food is something I'm so happy to share with the kids.

Ava and I went and saw the play Annie at the Children's Theater last month. She loved it so much. This was her second play she'd been to. It was easier this time as Noah and Amora stayed home for this one so Ava and I could have an "Ava-Mommy Day." I look forward to seeing more productions at the theaters as the kids get older.

As we cross off bucket list items for the summer, I'm enjoying so much watching the kids experience life and hoping they'll carry with some fun memories of summertime fun and learning.

Bug Bingo

Morning "Apple and Smoothie Picnic!"

Bubbles at the park.

Watching John fix a friend's flat tire.

Coloring Independence Day pictures.

One of 30 or so firework pics Ava took on the fourth.

Watching fireworks!

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