Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Play, Museum, and Hike

Since I'm so behind on my blogging, I'm doing two in a row. So this is the second part.

We went with the Vegkins group to In The Heart Of The Beast theater in Minneapolis for a kids production. The performances are all hand made puppets and paper mache, this one was a glowing play called "Gnip Gnopera". Then afterwards, the kids got to go up on stage to see the puppets and set up close.

The weekend before, we visited the Children's Museum and their Grossology exhibit which the kids thought was pretty great.
All about molding! This machine molded and made a plastic spoon!

Grossology...a big burping guy.

Ava climbing a gross skin wall.

Yep! A giant Operation game!

We headed out for a Spring event at a nature center last weekend with friends. It was rain or shine...of course, it was raining. The kids look forward to this all year though so we had to go, plus I bought advanced tickets! It was still lots of fun and the kids didn't mind getting wet. Ava got to see her favorite characters from the movie Tangled plus many other characters and got lots of candy along the way.

We then headed over to Lake Maria for a dryer afternoon for my dad's birthday. They set up an egg hunt for the kids and we went on a big hike!

The kids have been getting to go to John's mom and dad's once a week while I get some cleaning done. They have so much fun hanging out with their grandparents and get to do fun activities there too. A win for all! One of their favorites was making red light/green light/yellow light signs. They still use them at home outside on their bikes. They also love having fun with Grandma, trying to beat Grandpa on video games, and helping to take care of their bird, Sam.

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