Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The First Snow

The First Snow
(An Example of Home Learning vs School Learning)

Ava bursts out the front door on an early, chilly morning, excited to explore the season’s first snow. She jumps in with both feet, feeling the soft fluffy snow billow up around her feet. Ava screams and giggles. She notices how her voice sounds different in the frozen surroundings than when she yells in the summer time.
She sees her footprints in the snow. She also discovers another set of footprints as well. She follows them and sees they lead to the tree. Looking up, she realizes they must belong to the squirrel she sees perched on that branch.
Ava bounces over to the driveway where she discovers a frozen puddle. She jumps on it, breaking the fragile ice and notices that under the layer of ice, there is still unfrozen water!
She then runs to the back yard and builds a snowman, balancing each giant snowball she created carefully on the one below. She then walks around her yard to find just the right sticks, pine cones, and even a sand shovel from her sandbox, to decorate her snowman.
Ava looks at her mittens closely. She notices tiny individual snowflakes. She can see their pretty individual shapes and designs. Then she licks them!

Sadie looks out the window, “It snowed!!!” she exclaims. But there was no time to play now, she has to catch the bus.
At school, Sadie gets to color a picture of a snowman. She draws eyes and a smile with her purple crayon.
The teacher has a fun game for the children to play! Paper snowflakes! Sadie admires the pretty designs cut out of paper as they try to find the matching snowflake on the classroom floor. They even get to sing Frosty the Snowman at music time!
Then, at story time, the teacher reads a special wintertime storybook about playing in the snow. Sadie gets excited and jumps up and down. She wants to tell everyone the story of how much fun she had sledding last winter with her daddy. The teacher politely asks her to sit back down so the other children can hear the book.

Afterwards, the children stand in neat lines and go to the lunchroom for lunch. Recess will be in the gym today since it is cold and snowy and the kids would get too wet.
When Sadie gets off the bus at the end of the day, she runs and jumps in the already unfrozen puddles. Her mother asks her to come right in since she has her school shoes on. Besides, it’s almost time for supper and she has homework.
After supper, Sadie does her homework. She is to write a paper about a day of fun in the snow.

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