Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

This week was pretty low-key. Some fun activities and Valentine preparations kept us busy. All three had a lot of fun with puzzles this week. We did letter puzzles, and used it for some great letter recognition practice with Noah. Floor puzzles. And a United States puzzle that Noah loves. Puzzles usually go over pretty well with Ava and Noah. It's one of the things they work pretty well together doing, which is a wonderful thing for any parent to see!

At art class Ava learned some techniques using stencils. She always leaves art class smiling. Although she thought this time it was kind of boring because the teacher got to do the "fun part," the spray painting.

Maddy, the art class dog :)

The girls and I made it to the library this week and as I was picking out books for Noah and Amora, Ava had picked out a huge stack of books she wanted and wouldn't part with any. It's hard to say no to library books though!  Luckily I remembered a tote bag, for once, to bring home the nearly 20 books we got! We've read them all at least once each already. She insisted on reading 5 every night until we read them all.

We made cupcakes twice this week with Ava's new cupcake maker she got for Christmas. A lot of learning goes into baking. I have her read the ingredient list and the fractions. She looks to see if we need a cup, a tablespoon, or a teaspoon for each ingredient and gets them out and measures. The natural reward for all that work is, of course, yummy tasty vegan cupcakes! We made a Valentine version the second time.

All three kids had fun making Valentines. I went all out and let them use, my biggest enemy, GLITTER. I hate the stuff, but what's Valentines Day without it? I even got them some sequence pieces. Another tiny way-to-hard-to-clean-up necessity for pretty cards. They enjoyed them every bit. But both did end up all over the place a couple different times since we made them. Back on the top shelf for YOU, glitter and sequence!!!

I also found some window markers and let them go crazy with that too. How exciting for them to get to color on the windows! Some window clings added to the fun as well.

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