Tuesday, April 12, 2011

More Spring Outdoor Adventures

Maple Syruping

My mom and I brought the kids to the Chanhassen Arboretum a couple weekends ago and the kids got to watch how the tree is tapped and how the turn the sap into maple syrup. The demonstrator let the kids ask questions and help tap the tree with the hammer. Ava raised her hand and asked if the tree needed the sap they took. The lady said that was the best question all day! She said that the tree does indeed need the sap but they only harvest a small amount so it doesn't harm the tree.
We then headed down to the shop that boils out the water to leave the sugar and the kids got to taste the sticky gooey syrup "candy."

Tapping the tree.

Noah checking out the tree tapping tools.

Taste testing!

Wild River State Park

This past weekend we spent the day at Wild River State Park for my dad's birthday where the kids got in some scootering, hiking, a picnic and throwing rocks into the river. On the hike the frogs and wildlife were so incredibly loud we all just stopped and listened to them for a while in the swamps. It was such a great day for all of us!
Amora throwing rocks over the edge.

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