Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today we went out to find out how old all the trees in our yard are. The usual growth for most trees is about an inch a year. The measurement around the trunk of a tree (about 5 feet up if you want to be most accurate), will give the approximate age of the tree. According to its measurement, our largest oak tree is about 118 years old!

Ava also enjoyed her favorite tree in the yard. We measured it to be about 80 years old. She did a bark rubbing on paper of its bark, followed its roots, and appreciated the 'Y' patterns she saw on the trunk. She finds that specific tree to be so special.

Noah was more interested in stick collecting and made a nice pile of sticks for a bonfire someday.

We also measured a cut log we have in the yard. We compared the number of rings inside, which shows the trees age, to the measurement in inches around the stump. There were 35 rings. It was 40 inches around. Pretty close!

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