Friday, July 23, 2010


Ava has decided, very adamantly, that she wants to try Kindergarten. And while I believe in homeschooling entirely, I also want her to have the freedom to choose her own learning path. So we are going to let her try Kindergarten if that is what she feels she wants to do.
I expected that at some grade she may want to see what public school is all about. I didn't expect her to want to at age five, but there's a lot of reinforcement around. She has some friends that are going to school, she sees it on TV, she heard about it in preschool. And she is asked often by strangers if she is excited for Kindergarten.
Ava is also a fiercely independent 5 year old! She wants badly to do things on her own. I'm quite sure if we built her a house next door, she'd happily move out right now! She has no fears or shyness about being out on her own away from me. John and I are proud to have raised such a secure independent little girl and we trust her to make this big decision in her life.
We have explained that it will always be up to her. She doesn't have to continue in school and if she decides she wants to stop she can at any time. And if she likes it, she can continue going as well.
We will still continue to do our homeschool activities and learning when she is home. One of the biggest reasons I want to homeschool is to give my kids the freedom to learn how they want, without being forced. So if Ava chooses this path for the time being, then she will have our full support.

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