Friday, October 1, 2010

The Science Museum

After the weather made the Track and Field day with our homeschool group impossible, the kids and I decided to go to the Science Museum of MN instead. I hadn't brought the kids there before, thinking they may be too young to enjoy it all, but they had been begging to go see dinosaur skeletons so I thought we'd give it a try. I'm so glad we did. They loved it. And I loved watching how amazed they were by everything. Their little mouths were dropped open at nearly every exhibit. They're eyes wide with fascination.

Noah went nuts for the dinosaurs as I knew he would. Ava's favorite was the real tornado you could put your hand into. And they both couldn't quit trying out the floating ball on the air-stream.
I laughed when a lady standing at a fur exhibit encouraged them to come touch the wolf and bear furs. Ava and Noah's noses crinkled up and they hesitated to touch it. "Are these DEAD?" they both were asking. Noah asked if they were bloody (everything dead is bloody to him. He's even asked a shopper at the grocery store if the chicken they were buying from the deli was bloody!). "Well HOW did they die?!?" they asked the woman. She stuttered through their questions saying they surly died of natural causes and just "got old."
They got to see how much blood is in their body by standing on a special scale and watching a container fill up with "blood." They saw specimens under microscopes of real parasites that live in the human body, and look at each others eyes with an ocular scope.
I got some rest time to nurse Amora as Ava and Noah worked on a giant loom for about 20 minutes straight. Ava has a small craft loom at home she has made potholders with, so she really got a kick out of this.
Ava also got to face her mummy fears and bravely viewed the real encased mummy up close. She has a love-hate fascination with mummies. She won't even watch a cartoon if it features a mummy, but is equally as intrigued by them. So this was a big deal!

Before we left, I had to tear Noah away from a little taxidermied fawn in a glass case. He was so sad looking at the little new baby deer. He was afraid it was sad inside the case. I explained it was no longer living and he was so bothered by what may have happened to it. My heart broke looking at his eyes.

The kids probably would have stayed all day long if they could have. I loved watching them learn and enjoy new things. And I love these days Ava's home from school!

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