Thursday, September 22, 2011

Learn With Me Day

This week Ava had her first "Learn With Me Day" at her Grandma and Grandpa's. We are starting these activities with family members so she has an opportunity to learn with those close to her. Everyone has different skills and talents and activities going on and for Ava to get to be included in on them is so valuable. Ava loves to be with other adults one-on-one so it seemed like a natural fit to incorporate that into her homeschooling.
With her grandma, Ava picked apples from the apple tree, made a cake, went to the park, and also did some art! Then when I came to pick her up, the two younger kids got to do some apple picking too. Ava and her grandpa picked some leaves off the trees and tried to identify them using an app on his phone. She absolutely LOVED her day! I think the first Learn With Me Day was a definite success! She's going to love the other activities that others are lining up. Many family members are getting into this! I'm so happy about it and know that the kids will benefit so much from spending time learning this way.

Ava also started up Art Class again this week, which she is very excited about. And the rest of the week was filled up with library, face painting, math games on the computer, some word building puzzles and games. For the word puzzles Ava worked on identifying vowels and why they're important.

Card games are great for learning math! Ava's favorite card games right now are "War", great for recognizing greater/less than, "10s solitaire" which uses all the pairs that add up to 10, and "Golf", which is good for strategy and estimation. I saw her at the neighbor's next store doing her math dry-erase cards the other day with him too.
We did a lot of reading/spelling on the driveway this week with chalk. Working on the word "my" and silent e's for Ava. It's a fun easy way to learn. I'd make words and the kids would draw the pictures. Also, indoors, we did some rhyming lists and some more phonics this time with "aw" words which Ava was very proud of herself for reading. She also learned about verbs this week which will likely have some fun uses in the future. I'm thinking we can find some fun games to play with action words that all three of the kids will have fun with.

Other significant events: Noah's Birthday and Ava lost her first tooth!

John's friend Dan traced Amora and they made her into a Tooth Fairy along with a note on the driveway.

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