Thursday, September 8, 2011


We celebrated the Not-Back-To-School week by going to some parks and meeting up with some fellow homeschoolers. We recently got a big parachute so we brought that along to one of the meet-ups which was a hit. I'm thinking we'll definitely get a lot of use out of this parachute. I love how excited all the kids get when we take it out!
The kids got to celebrate not having to get up early and dressed for school. So they all got to wear their pajamas to the park! They loved it!


We also had breakfast at the near-by dam one morning. This was the first time the younger two had been to the actual dam, even though we've played at the park before. All three were amazed and thought it was so fun to have a breakfast picnic while watching the water.

It's been a super fun week for us. I'm feeling thankful this week to have all three kids around this year and that we're starting off homeschooling. Last year at this time Ava was going to Kindergarten at the public school. I feel so fortunate we are doing what seems to work best for our family this year. I'm soaking up every day and love to watch the kids having so much fun too. I look forward to finding all the fun ways to learn throughout the official school year. There are so many opportunities ahead...
Chickens at Wild Rumpus Bookstore

Kitty Tree/Book Shelf!

Amora found a basket of her favorite book series!

Ava making a stepping stone.

Noah learning about his favorite bugs.


Pete The Cat's shoes.

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